Principal Architect

Jason took up architecture at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City and apprenticed at one of the most renowned architectural firms in the country, Palafox Associates. Whilst there he was assigned to the masterplanning and architecture studios where he was exposed to various large scale residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects.

After completing his apprenticeship in 2012, he took the national board examinations for Architecture where he placed 5th overall. In 2014, he founded Visionary Studio Architects (VSA) with the intent of creating a better understanding for architecture in his hometown. In less than 5 years since its founding, VSA now boasts a wide portfolio of projects that will undoubtedly create a positive impact on its surrounding environment.


Studio Manager

Lionel considers architecture to be a prestigious career that is engaged in a variety of fields. He's critical to details, and strives to produce work that he’s content with, since he believes that his output is a reflection of himself.


Senior Architect

Even at a young age, Quen has always been deeply interested in both technical and creative subjects. She always seeks the best quality work from her team, earnestly contributing to the company's achievements.


Studio Head

With a passion for both science and art, Brian stands by Doxiadis who said the creation of a better way of living creates better architecture. He is deeply analytical and is always open to different perspectives.

Studio Head

Katrina wants to make the world a better place by creating a connection between man and the built environment. She served as President of UAPSA Silliman Chapter by taking goals head on and maximizing work efficiency.

HR Officer/ Senior Architect

The power and curse to immortalize an idea is what allured Sarah to become a licensed architect, master plumber and real estate broker. Her determination to succeed shows in the passion she puts into every project.

BIM Manager

Irvin lives by his favorite quote, "Less is More". His path in architecture started from simple scaled models he would make in high school and has since developed into a well-rounded proficiency in design.

Junior Architect

With each project he encounters, Ralph asks questions that lead to the best answers in the form of a creative architectural solution. He backs each decision with the end goal of shaping the built environment in ways that benefit everyone involved.

Apprentice Architect

Innovation and new technology inspire Von to pursue architecture. He believes adapting and embracing change to any circumstance are very important in both professional and personal aspects of his life.

Apprentice Architect

Marc has always been mesmerized by the beauty and grandeur of iconic structures around the world. He believes learning and converging with different individuals results in an amelioration that is essential in architecture.

Apprentice Architect

Mar likes to keep himself on his toes. Outside his comfort zone is where he learns and progresses naturally. It was actually on a whim that he pursued architecture but he hasn't had any regrets since then.

Apprentice Architect

Inspired by her loved ones to pursue a degree in architecture, Nicole is the type of person who doesn’t hesitate to seek out new opportunities for growth. Initiative and dedication are qualities that contribute to her excelling as a former university leader and current professional in the field.

Apprentice Architect

Sky is always curious and allows himself to ask questions that open up a whole new set of possibilities and solutions. This has led him to garner the Silver Best Thesis award in college and continues to drive his passion for design.

Accounting Head

Eric prides himself in a work ethic that is holistically professional. He finds interest in a wide spectrum of activities that engage him strategically, and is naturally fond of the game of chess.

Accounting Officer

Boasting more than a decade’s worth of experience in the various accounting fields doesn’t hinder Arnold from striving to be better in any job he’s in. A spiritually oriented individual, he firmly believes that forming a harmonious relationship with everyone is fundamental to lasting success.

Administrative Assistant

Jonah previously served 8 years as a Secretary in a duly-licensed recruitment agency in Manila. She may be a quiet and shy type of person but she is always up to the challenge in times of adversity.

Executive Assistant

A jack-of-all trades, Gigi has experience in numerous fields and is not one to be taken for granted. She is family-oriented and fiercely supportive of the people close to her.

Support Staff

Every single day, Johnrey improves the lives of those around him. With his constant positivity and dependability, Johnrey is an example that great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.



During this initial stage we use the set of requirements furnished by the client, and other pertinent data; such as the orientation of the site, vantage points and view points, the general context of where the project is to be built, and an evaluation of the project goals, to come up with a preliminary design that we think will best suit this project. We then present this to the client for approval.


Once the schematic design has been approved, we then proceed by developing the chosen design in more detail. We will now discuss more precise requirements such as specific sizes of areas, as well as recommend the set of materials and specifications for the project.


Once the final design has been approved, we then proceed with the creation of construction documents (or blueprints). Together with the Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Sanitary engineers, we will now proceed to create the detailed set of working drawings necessary to achieve our intended design. These drawings will also be required in the procurement of building permits and will be the basis upon which the contractor will prepare his quotation.

During this stage we will make sure to produce a detailed set of drawings so as to come up with a fixed construction cost. The more detailed these drawings are, the more accurate the contractor’s quote will be, thereby minimizing any added or hidden costs.


Once the construction documents have been prepared, we may now proceed with bidding the project to select contractors. We can aide you in this process by analyzing bids presented by the contractor so as to select a winning bidder with the best price and quality.


During the Construction phase, our job becomes to ensure that the design we’ve made with our client is executed faithfully by the contractor. This will include periodic site visits to ensure that the work is proceeding on schedule and to address any issues the contractor might have with the building plans.


We will conduct a final inspection identifying items to be included in the punch list for the contractor to rectify. Once the contractor has rectified all the remaining items, the project will be ready for turnover and occupation.




As a member of our team, you will be exposed to the various stages of design and construction. From inception to building occupancy, you will be tasked with responsibilities required of an architect/ apprentice such as the creation of 3d models and renderings, the production of construction documents, and the supervision of the various projects you will handle.


Humble, Hungry to Learn, and Passionate. First and foremost, these are the qualities we look for when searching for new members to join our team.

– Candidate must posses at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture
– Knowledgeable in preparation and coordination of working drawings
– Has a good grasp on the principles of planning and design
– Proficient in CAD and other related programs, knowledge on BIM is preferred
– Proficient in Google SketchUp
– Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, 3Ds max, and other rendering programs is a plus
– Able to work under pressure with minimal supervision
– Is a Fast learner, Self-motivated, and is vocal about contributing his/her own ideas
– Applicants with previous work experience is a plus but fresh graduates are welcome to apply

If you have attachments such as your CV or portfolio of work, kindly email them to [email protected]