Location : Binaliw, Cebu City
Typology: Residential Midrise

Status: Design Development

Lot area: 4,504.61 sq.m.

Floor area: 26,858.99 sq.m.


Located on an irregularly shaped lot, the building introduces four protruding wings which serve a dual purpose of increasing the buildable area, while also improving user comfort by casting a shadow on adjacent units and thereby shielding it from the harsh afternoon sun

Louvers and operable windows are strategically located throughout the building and at the ends of every hallway, allowing for maximum cross-ventilation. Each unit also has access to their own small balcony which may be used for outdoor relief or the drying of laundry. This utility area is subtly concealed behind a green wall that aims to both hide unpleasant views while also extending the organic nature of the surroundings onto the building.

The building’s height was consciously restrained so as not to compete with the surrounding hills in the vicinity, preserving the character of the community while also taking into account profitability and scale.