Location : M. Yap Street, Cebu City
Under Construction
Lot area:  
Floor area:
11,560 sqm


The challenge of this project was to design an eye-catching façade with the concept of symbolically paying homage to the client’s family’s roots in the shipping industry.

The hotel lobby is designed with concepts of minimalism and sophistication through materiality and lighting design. The undulating louvers here reflect the twisting elements in the façade, and serve as a natural focal point of the space as they visually lead inward and downward towards the concierge.

Material choice and accents, coupled with the use of strategically located lighting, define pathways and guide individuals through this lobby space.
To achieve this concept while conforming to government regulated setbacks, we opted to utilize louvers that curved vertically as they moved up the building’s span. The result was a visual lengthening of the building’s height which in turn created a climbing effect that guided the eyes of pedestrians to the building’s apex. These undulating louvres provided passerby’s with different perspectives of the building’s façade as they moved along its frontage; the reflections and shadows generated in between these twisting elements create a playful gradient of colors that establish a truly dynamic façade.