Location : Busay, Cebu City
Typology: Residential
Status: Construction Documents
Lot Area : 300 sq, m.
Floor area: 500 sq, m.

Cliff House

This residence is located within one of the more mountainous areas of Cebu. Naturally, a number of expansive views towards the city was accessible. The main concept was therefore to curate these unique views for each and every member of the household. Rooms were strategically located and oriented to maximize vantage points towards the city.

The facade was designed to permit privacy for the client and his family. The result of which was an architectural composition that contrasted slightly with the rear. Wooden finishes and clear accenting lines were utilized throughout the design of the house to bring about elegant and sophisticated qualities that suited its location.

The living area was designed to take advantage of the surrounding views. The incorporation of ribbon windows that wrapped around the room provided this unique panoramic experience that could only be maximized in sites such as this.

The master bedroom also carried on the same concept of establishing a panoramic view of the city. To make the space feel much more intimate, applications of wood accented by a conscious lighting design scheme, were incorporated throughout the interior.