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C Residence

A subtle merging of two differing principles, this residence was conceptualized and planned with modern aesthetics in mind while considering the traditional principles of Feng Shui.

With the existing lot elevated above the road level, an opportunity arose to carve a hidden cavernous garage into the terrain, as well as an entrance courtyard that creates a gleeful sense of surprise as one enters the home complex. From the entry courtyard, one is greeted by a grand staircase which leads into the garden and the main floor above.

As the clients for this project had varied interests and hobbies, one of the key considerations for the program was in providing amenities that would suit their various needs. This posed a challenge as Feng Shui guidelines required the number of spaces to fit within a perfectly rectangular floor plan while also keeping the front of the lot unobstructed so as to allow good chi to flow towards the home. To solve this, two separate structures were created, the first housing the main living and sleeping areas, and the second containing the amenities for the husband’s personal hobbies including a mancave, gym, and gun room.

Oriented perpendicular to each other, the two structures create an L-shaped layout on the site leaving the center open for a lush, relaxing garden. Adjacent to this is a covered dining area for outdoor lunches with close friends and family, a pool and deck area to swim and lounge, and a sunken lanai to gather and have lively conversations around the firepit. All these create a pleasant outdoor experience for the users while giving them an encompassing view of their home.

Reflecting the exterior design, this home’s interior is characterized by cool concrete finishes expressing dark and masculine undertones complemented with the natural warmth and sophistication only wood can provide. The entire wall adjacent to the garden is clad in clear glass, giving the users an expansive view of the outdoors while enjoying the comfort indoors.

While the use of wood was maintained for the more private spaces of this home, darker tones were added to create a deeper sense of intimacy. Elliptical openings in the ceilings offer stunning views towards the sky and allow as much natural light to flow in. This is most evident in the master bedroom balcony, which boasts a motorized louver screen adjustable to the degree of privacy needed. Here, one can enjoy the use of this space regardless of weather conditions and time of day.