Location : Estancia, Iloilo Province
Typology: Commercial

Status: Construction Documents

Lot area: 22,852.61 sq.m.

Floor area: 12,133.22 sq.m.


This Public Market welcomes light and air as confidently as our Filipino vendors welcome their customers.

The playful roof profile serves as both the primary architectural and structural design element, thereby foregoing the need for any unnecessary decorative treatment and reducing the cost construction.

As night falls, light still comes into play in this Public Market. Light completely pushes outwards through the lightweight design of the structure’s steel framing from its interior which emphasizes the whole interior of the market as its major point of interest.

We tried to challenge the general idea of Filipino markets by translating it through the use of wide hallways, natural light, and interior vegetation giving back to its users for a more spacious and generous approach.

Natural light is fundamental to good design which breathes life and character into our interiors, the use of skylights in this public market not only enhances visual activity but it also bridges the gap between the interior and exterior as desired.