Location : Cabancalan, Mandaue City
Typology: Interior Renovation

Status: Construction Documents

Lot area: 

Floor area: 


Renovations always prove to be tricky as architects are often faced with the dilemma of preservation or demolition. For this project, we opted to preserve what was essentially a dilapidated 2 bedroom house. Through deep investigation, we attempt to reveal the underlying potential that can only be found if we look closely enough.

We decided to take inspiration from the existing arched window transoms and integrate this unique feature into new larger window openings that are designed to let in more light. We then removed the ceiling to reveal the vast interior space created by the structure’s high-pitched gable roof. Lastly, we preserved the exterior wood and brickwork and repainted it to a more neutral color that would age more gracefully over time. The resulting design, we believe, updates the structure to be both modern and full of character while still retaining its original identity.

To preserve the structure and minimize the construction time, the house enclosure was essentially retained, leaving an area that proved too small to cater to all the activities the client required.

To address this, we kept partitions to a minimum. The result was the creation of an extremely simple plan that when combined with the use of movable, wheeled furniture, and the meticulous placement of all electrical components, left us with a versatile space that could easily cater to the client’s every need. Proof indeed that the best ideas don’t need to be complicated.

Outside, The once empty yard has been converted to a private patio for intimate private gatherings. This area doubles to provide a welcome view to the outdoors and the surrounding greenery creating the perfect calming ambience for client’s various activities.

By leaving the plan open and opting for minimal partitions, the space becomes highly transformable and we’re excited to see what other configurations the client might come up with beyond what the team has planned for.