Mandaue Foam Cainta Facade

Mandaue Foam Cainta Facade Renovation

Location : Cainta, Rizal
Typology: Commercial
Status: Completed
Floor area: 1500 sq. m.
Client: Mandaue Foam Industries, Inc.

The original facade needed a facelift in order to conform to the new branding standards of the organization. The challenge being that the initial structure seemed to look more like an institutional building (i.e. Town hall or hospital) than a furniture center.

To update the facade and associate it with its intended use, we first identified elements in the current design that we could salvage so as to minimize any added cost. We then decided to break the formality of the structure by adding a sloping wall that would serve as the unifying element that ties each storey together. We removed the false windows which served no purpose, and replaced it with larger billboards.This was essential as the client primarily communicates with the public using these ad campaigns which are updated regularly. Lastly we added a sloping ceiling with accent lights which would be visible from the ground level and would lead the eyes towards the showroom display, a feature that we hope will draw more people in.