Location : Cebu City
Schematic Design
Lot area: 
– sq. m.
Floor area:
– sq. m

Priland Commercial

Located in the middle of an arid and dusty district of Cebu, this development offers establishments that cater to the same users and patrons of the medical institutions nearby. One of the main goals was elevating the pedestrian user experience through universal design, the means of creating spaces that meet the needs of all people, regardless of physical ability and age. A large courtyard sits at the heart of this development where a series of diagonal ramps flow seamlessly across its stepped terraces. From here, one can enjoy panoramic views of the entire complex and an overall grasp of all it has to offer.

In the middle of a generic and dull environment, this vibrant and bustling commercial development is sure to stand out as a landmark for its community. The use of locally sourced products in the building’s façade system creates a distinct sense of identity while the wide range of activities and events in the main courtyard are highly visible to anyone passing by, piquing interest, and drawing people inside.

In seeking respite from the stresses of hospital life, one can think of dining with friends, escaping with a good book, enjoying meaningful conversations, or even watching live performances. Access to all these activities is available in the lush and vibrant central courtyard that boasts ample landscaping. One might even call it a green oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle.