Location : Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City
Typology: Institutional

Status: Bidding

Lot area: 2,800 sq.m.

Floor area: 29,000 sq.m.


This 14-storey institutional building brought with it the challenge of balancing out a design that was worthy of its prime location, while also simultaneously respecting the client’s brief for a cost effective-design.
The systematic solution to this was to create a unique sense of place through the thoughtful placement of double volumes and open spaces. These treatments not only physically shape the building’s façade, but also create a new spatial characteristic for this institutional structure in the form of critical “break-out” spaces located in certain floors for the benefit of its primary users.
This building’s unique architectural treatments emanate with a bold statement of stability and confidence, in the sense that this institution has come far in its 50-year-old heritage and is ready to take on the challenges that the next 50 years has to offer.