VSA is an architecture and design studio based in Cebu, Philippines. Our open-minded approach and tenacity to produce simple, innovative, and beautiful architecture have led us to work on a wide range of residential, commercial, hospitality, and master planning projects of varying scales.


We believe that to be able to design for others is a privilege, and we acknowledge the trust and confidence placed on us by our clients. In every project that we handle, we strive to produce designs that our not only timeless and identifiable architecturally but also sensible and viable economically. With this informed approach, we aim to create an architecture that not only enhances the built environment but improves the lives of the people who populate it.



We believe that the success of a project lies mainly on asking the right questions. These form an architectural program that enables us to craft informed decisions that lead us to the right answers. Every project we undertake begins with analyzing the client’s brief and defining the purpose of the project. We then proceed to take careful consideration of the site and the context of where it is going to be built.

We design with the belief that simplicity is key to timelessness. We constantly challenge ourselves to come up inventive solutions that address project constraints in a way that is both sensible and architecturally inspiring.

We refine our designs knowing that materiality, methodology, and constructability are vital components to the implementation of any successful project.

We constantly check on the progress of our work and the execution of our designs with the aim of delivering high fidelity projects that accurately reflect our design intent.

We relish at the completion of every new project and hope that each one creates a positive impact on the lives of the people who experience it.



We work hand in hand with our clients to provide a wide range of services to address their growing needs.


The entire scope of architectural design. From initial site inspection and context analysis, definition of program and project parameters, conceptual architectural design, development, and detailing to ultimately project completion and turnover, we offer a wide flexible menu of architectural design services. This is what we do best.


Comprises the full gamut of architectural interiors such as definition of project requirements, initial space planning and interior user flow analysis, to material, furniture, fixture, and equipment specification and selection.

Master Planning

Consists of conceptual masterplans(CMP) and preliminary area tabulations, cost projections and financial studies, all the way to detailed site development(SD) and site engineering(SE) design for government permitting and land development execution.


If you’re mulling over a potential project or would like to inquire regarding our services, please feel free to schedule a meeting with us.