Busay Hiland, Cebu City
Under Construction
Lot Area:
266 sq. meters
Floor Area:
538 sq. meters
Design Team:
Katherine Peque
Jason Chua

cliff house

Aptly nicknamed the “Cliff House”, this 4-storey residence sits atop a cliffside granting its owners panoramic views of the city and a majestic mountain backdrop.

One of the key challenges for the project was in fitting all the required spaces on a relatively small 200 sqm lot. To do this, zones were organized according to their intended use and level of privacy.

The gym, guest room, service areas and garden were all located at the lowermost floor. Above it are the common bedrooms and carport while the entirety of the next floor is dedicated for the open plan living, dining & kitchen area. At the topmost floor, the master bedroom gets a commanding view of the distant skyline. In designing our program in relation to the subdivision’s height restriction, we are able to ensure that the view from the topmost floor will never be blocked by future homes yet to be built.

As with most stacked volumes, the design had to address the monotony and visual weight that comes with it. To alleviate these, depth was introduced into the facade by adding wrap-around balconies to break the mass of the structure and double as canopies to mitigate heat gain. These balconies extend the main living spaces to the outside creating precious outdoor areas that a small lot normally wouldn’t provide. By extending these planes, the balconies also effectively block direct sightlines from the highway below, preserving the owners’ privacy while still maintaining the panoramic views.

Bold, strong horizontal lines distinguish the upper levels and elongate the structure to avoid a boxy silhouette and create a more inviting profile. The wooden slatted ceiling against transparent glazing creates continuity with the interiors and the exterior, becoming the highlight of the residence. This emphasizes the upper three floors and allows the basement level to blend in with the landscape. Light concrete finishes contrasted with dark slate stone further accentuate the warmth of the wood texture, making sure to capture the eye of passersby while providing a relaxing and homey environment for the users within.