Don Mariano Cui St., Cebu City
Lot Area:
301 sqm
Floor Area:
920 sqm
Design Team:
Quen Bangot
Jason Chua

extra space self-storage solutions

Built to cater to the rising demand for storage space amidst a growing metropolis, the project,  located on a 300 square meter plot that previously housed a row of apartments ,  was challenging in that in order to maximize efficiency and leasable storage space, the building massing had to be that of a bland rectangular shoe box. To address this, a multi-colored facade was introduced in order to provide emphasis as well as a visual focal point. Such treatment has made the building instantly recognizable to both passersby and potential customers. The multi-colored pattern was carried over to the building’s interior where different epoxy paint floor coatings  were used per floor to allow for ease of wayfinding and prevent dust adherence to floor surfaces. The entire building (including the storage units) is completely naturally ventilated which prevent humidity build up and excessive heat gain from ruining items stored within the facility.