Ancieto Seno Rd., Mandaue City, Cebu
Built, 2019
Lot Area:
5,009 sqm
Floor Area:
9,709 sqm
Design Team:
Sarah Albura
Irvin Flores
Jason Chua


Dominating the façade of Cebu’s premier state-of-the-art storage facility are two large volumes that are impossible to ignore. The outward emphasis on oversized mass, scale, and textures hints at the vastness of the space within.

Rows and rows of storage units line the building’s interior where tenants can choose from several rentable size options to store their personal and business belongings. Along the building’s perimeter walls, the openings are kept to a minimum, not only to safeguard from possible break-ins but to maintain a controlled indoor environment as well.

Maintaining a strong brand and identity all throughout the architecture, the frontage showcases several tall, folded checkered steel plates in reference to the flaps of the trusty cardboard box.