Pristina North,
Cebu City
Ongoing Construction
Lot Area:
472 sqm
Floor Area:
435 sqm
Design Team:
Chloe Huang, Brian Perandos
Kyle Tocle, Katherine Peque
Jason Chua

house 238

Our approach for this residential project was to be more pragmatic leading us back to the fundamentals of conventional residential design as desired by the client. This lead us to be straightforward with the design for the client’s needs while incorporating architectural materials and treatment that adheres to the subdivision’s standards.

The chosen avenue of design to bring visual interest and identity to this home was a play of volumes in the architectural treatment of the façade and rear. The former was more introverted in nature so as to permit privacy for the house’s occupants, whereas the latter opened up to the lanai and garden to bring light into the interior communal spaces and provide for the family their own private escape.

Achieving balance in terms of volume and space was a major goal in the design of this two-storey residence.