Guba, Cebu City
Construction Documents
Design Team:
Brian Perandos, Jason Chua

guba pavilion

Building upon the architectural inspirations of our clients from their family trip to Africa, this open-air pavilion was envisioned as a weekend getaway nestled within the idyllic mountains of rural Cebu — a place for friends and family to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday metropolitan life.

An open kitchen and food preparation area at the center of the pavilion serves as the main bridge between the lounge areas on either side. This area is the focal point of the interior and is envisioned to be a space that sparks conversation and connection.

The simple yet oversized gabled roof acts as a giant cocoon providing shade and shelter from the surrounding environment while also serving as a physical viewfinder directing one’s attention to the best vistas.

The simplicity of form also enables the structure to act as a marker for the vast development, allowing passersby to know that they’ve arrived at their destination. Slender circular columns are laid out in a 4x4m rotated grid pattern so as to minimize the diameter of each column. When viewed from a distance, the columns “disappear” from sight creating the impression that the roof is floating.

Panoramic views of the distant mountain ranges greet visitors as they relax under the cool shade of the structure’s expansive roof. A reclined net surrounds the perimeter for the users’ safety while also serving as an additional area for relaxation.

Varying furniture clusters provide different nooks and areas suited for multiple activities, from quiet morning conversations to lively family dinners. Salvaged and reclaimed wood from naturally fallen trees clad the interior space providing a warm and rustic ambiance to the interiors, reminiscent to the ones our clients saw in Africa. To quote our client’s musings “If we lived with nature instead of trying to dominate it and impose ourselves on it, the world would probably be a more peaceful place.”