Cebu, Philippines
Residential Midrise
Design Development
Lot Area:
1,825 sq. meters
Floor Area:
28,416 sq. meters
Design Team:
Von Gumboc, Brian Perandos
Irvin Flores, Jason Chua

la mont garden suites

The COVID-19 international crisis brought new design challenges that needed to be addressed with innovative solutions. For this multi-story condominium project, the clients wanted a building that could fully respond to the new spatial and social norms that have come into play in relation to the pandemic. The design of public and communal spaces needs to adapt while the conventional layout of residences needs to be re-imagined.

The clients specifically requested the façade to be instantly recognizable – a flagship of their corporate brand. Inviting, emanating an aura of neutrality and warmth, but at the same time exuding premium and elegant qualities are the requisites for this design.

Defining the pocket gardens and residential units so that they could be instantly recognizable from afar is crucial in the facade’s design evolution. The incorporation of perforated metal sheet arches not only adds character to the building but also mitigates effects of solar heat gain within the residential modules. Curvilinear elements are intentionally employed in key locations for a more architecturally cohesive look.