Canduman, Mandaue City
Residential Midrise
Built, 2019
Lot Area:
556 sqm
Floor Area:
1,740 sqm
Design Team:
Brian Perandos
Abigail Lapinid
Von Gumboc
Jason Chua

our lady of the sacred heart home

The main objective of this project is to provide accommodation to teachers for a nearby school as options for accommodations are limited within the area. This resulted in a 4 storey dormitory that’s highly conscious of the users’ quality of living while balancing the need for privacy and the need for density. Light and warm tones are accented throughout the architectural treatment providing a home-like atmosphere for its users.

A unique porous façade proved to be the best option. This specific façade typology allowed for a continuous flow of natural ventilation that permeates throughout the entire building.

Communal gathering spaces were purposefully integrated with the hopeful intention that they would manifest into a form of social support system amongst the teachers of the nearby school, whom of which are living far away from their families. Pocket gardens are also strategically located to provide an open breathing space for the dormitory’s users.

The function of the central atrium was to increase spatial quality and allow the interior of the building to breathe. This space also permitted a connection between floors that contributed to the atmospheric lighting of the whole dormitory.

The diagonal staircases at each end of the atrium are not only specially designed for ease of access but also serve as unique points of interest within the dormitory.

Within the dormitory rooms, a common hallway is provided which serves as a communal space between the two bedrooms. This space provides the users from each bedroom their own personal space while having a shared common space where they can meet or interact with other users in the same room.