Cebu City
Construction Documents
Design Team:
Eureka Quijano
Jason Chua

capitol commercial

This retail structure situated at the heart of the city is the team’s fun and playful take on a party supplies store. Multi-colored windows of varying sizes and orientation mimic confetti. Its apparent randomness sparks curiosity among passersby while creating an eyecatching yet subdued lighting effect at night.

The large glazed storefront gives a glimpse of what the store has to offer for different themes and occasions. The exposed structural steel members are meant to convey the idea of an unfinished set, with the products being sold inside being the missing piece required to complete the theme of the festivities.

The use of steel members, precast walls & flooring allow the building to be lightweight, flexible and convertible should the client feel the need to repurpose the building materials for another structure or transplant it elsewhere. By doing this we are able to build a structure that is cost effective, highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing.