The Heritage, Mandaue City
Ongoing Construction
Lot Area:
600 sq. meters
Design Team:
Brian Perandos
Eureka Quijano

Jason Chua

pda house

The client’s admiration for the light, breezy & vernacular nature of Balinese architecture was the primary inspiration for the design of this residence. The simple yet balanced composition of volumes and bold architectural lines allow the materials to take center stage; an ever-present feature in Balinese vernacular architecture.

Breeze blocks on the second floor immediately capture one’s attention, becoming the clear focal point of the exterior facade while adding some much-needed texture to the subdued palette. These breeze blocks also allow air to permeate throughout the home creating a gentle breeze during certain times of the day and act as the perfect complementary feature to the home’s open floor plan.

The steep roof pitch and exaggerated horizontality of the entire structure create the impression of a non-intimidating, low-lying home. Lastly, the restrained approach to the design and strategic use of materials allows the owner to build his dream home without needing an excessive budget.