Talisay City, Cebu
Built, 2014
Lot Area:
9,500 sqm
Floor Area:
20,000 sqm

south town center

After going through several architects for the design of the project, the client approached VSA with the desire to create a mall that was attractive and would stand out from its current surroundings.

The area where the mall was located was part of a quickly developing city in Metro Cebu, primed with large amounts of pedestrian foot traffic. However, the buildings that propagated it did not reflect this. We decided to address this by coming up with a design that contrasted the current architecture of the surrounding buildings, in hopes to raise the quality of future development in the city, ultimately benefiting the community at large.

To do this, we designed a truly grand opening by placing a two-storey high canopy along the main entrance, thereby creating the illusion of a much larger building. We then split this canopy into an angular plane which led to the second entrance point and placed directional lighting elements that led the eye inwards while adding a sense of vibrancy to the building. A theme which would be carried out throughout the interiors as well. The resulting design is one that clearly illustrates the type of architecture the community deserves from their developing city.