Ibabao, Mandaue City
Construction Documents
Lot Area:
3,700 sqm
Floor Area:
4,426 sqm
Design Team:
Katherine Peque
Marvin Siaotong
Katrina Teves
Jason Chua

ibabao commercial

Situated at the heart of an old, bustling central business district, this property offers a welcome respite from the cramped and monotonous commercial spaces commonly seen in the surrounding areas. Contrary to typical vehicle-dominated and commerce-driven developments, the focus for this project lies in the pedestrian user experience. At the front, one can see a series of portals that form a repeating pattern along the main pathway. These beckon passersby inside a complex that boasts ample landscaping, an urban park, and spacious walkways that flow uninterrupted all throughout.

At the ground level, the restaurants are equipped with large bi-fold glass doors, allowing tenants freedom to transform the typical interior dining area to one that spills over into the lush courtyard. The parking area serves as a multi-functional space for hosting various activities (such as drive-thru movie night), adding to the overall liveliness of the development. Along with the park, these outdoor areas fill a much needed void in the surrounding urban landscape while creating a memorable sense of place for the community’s residents.